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How it works: Working for An Employment Agency

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ALH stands as a beacon for job seekers and employers across New Zealand and, now, Brisbane, Australia. Our mission is simple: to connect individuals with the right job and employers with the right candidate. By partnering with ALH, we simplify, speed-up, and add a personal touch to the hiring process.  

Job Opportunities at ALH

At ALH, we offer a wide range of job opportunities. Whether you’re looking for part-time or full-time work, we have positions available in general labour, warehouse and logistics, driving, forklift operations, skilled trades, and more! As an employment agency, we have short-term contracts come across our desk, as well as long-term roles.  Plus, many of our temporary roles have the opportunity to become permanent positions.

The Pathway To Finding Your Perfect Job

The pathway to discovering your perfect job through ALH is both easy and efficient! Start by expressing your interest for work by visiting Shortly after, an account manager from your local branch will contact you. They’ll discuss details such as the types of jobs you’re eyeing, whether you’re seeking full-time or part-time work, among other things.

Your account manager ensures a personalised experience by arranging a face-to-face meeting at your nearest ALH office. During this interview, we’ll explore your career goals, the type of work you’re after, preferred hours, and duration. For the safety of both job-seekers and clients, we conduct a Ministry of Justice (MOJ) check and a drug test.

Getting Hired With ALH

Upon passing the MOJ check and drug test, and finding a job opening that matches your criteria, you’ll receive a job offer. And the best part? ALH takes care of all the admin, making the hiring process easy! Once the position is finalised, the new employee is equipped with PPE gear and ALH uniform, ranging from t-shirts and hoodies to socks, caps, and beanies. Whether you’re a foreman, pick-packer or ALH account manager, everyone wears the same uniform, creating a sense of community and belonging.

Your First Day On The Job

Fast forward to your first day on the job. You’ll be greeted by a familiar face with your account manager at the job site. They’ll walk you through inductions, introduce you to the team, and inform you of free training opportunities. After wrapping up day one, we’ll reach out to see how you’re settling into your new role. Throughout the week, we keep the conversations going, checking in with both you and the employer to ensure everyone’s happy. And if a role doesn’t feel right, we’ll begin hunting to find you a more suitable position.

Continued Support

Even after the initial week, we’re still here as ongoing support. Your account manager remains your go-to person, offering support for both candidates and clients. Whether it’s swinging by job sites with some ALH merch, organising those much-loved lunch shouts, or just giving you a ring to see how things are, we stay engaged, accessible and attentive to our people.

Weekly remuneration for candidates

When you become a part of the ALH community, your remuneration is a priority. You’ll see your pay check arrive every Friday (just in time for the weekend!), complemented by your weekly-disbursed holiday pay, ensuring you’re consistently rewarded for your mahi.

Sick days for candidates

Once you’ve been with ALH for six months, remember you’re entitled to 10 days of sick leave annually. If you’re feeling under the weather, just reach out to your trusted account manager, and they’ll ensure your sick pay is processed.

Payment process for clients

Every Wednesday, we’ll send out an invoice for the labour provided during the previous week. You’ll typically have one week to complete the payment. If you have any questions or need assistance, our dedicated finance team is always here to help!

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For job seekers searching for a position that resonates with their skills, and for employers sifting through CVs to find that perfect fit, ALH promises a streamlined, effective, and personal approach to the hiring process.

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